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MG Power MGP1000, 1000kVA Open Diesel Generator powered by Perkins 4008TAG2A diesel engine

Home Diesel Genarator With Perkins Uk
General Overview

MGP1000 A high quality Open MG Power diesel generator combining a high quality Perkins 4008TAG2A engine, coupled to a Stamford HCI 634J1 4 pole alternator, designed to run at 1500RPM. 1000kVA (See technical data) this generator is designed and built using high quality components from the ground up to meet your power requirements, continuously.

The Perkins and Stamford brands are known worldwide for reliability, quality of build and long lasting robust design.

Standard Features

4 Poles

2/3 Winding Pitch

Solid State AVR

Fuel Tank (up to 660kVA only)

A high quality UK made Perkins Engine

A high quality Stamford Alternator

Customise with a number of accessories


Anti-Condensation heaters

Upgraded AVR's (better regulation/features)

Inlet Filters

Enhanced Acoustic Protection

Engine Heaters

Alternative Alternator Brands

It is also available in a range of voltages, frequencies and phase combinations, as well as other specifications.

Areas of Use

This product is suitable for export out of the EEC only, other specifications are available for use in the EEC from sales. Please call for a quotation.

This product is suitable for use in tropical environments.

Delivery Time / Method

This product is not available to purchase online. For delivery period and exact specifications, please contact sales directly for assistance. This product is available for international delivery, subject to cleared funds and additional shipping charges. Due to its weight this product ships by Sea Freight.


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