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Customers' satisfaction is our capital.

We have been supplying a large numbers of Diesel Generators set all over the Bangladesh since 2001 to till today. We have already installing 3000 sets of generators in our country and also ensuring servicing regularly. Our mission is to supply world class products in logical and affordable price to our customers. We are committed to supplying right brands and quality in due time and ensuring after-sales services to customers.


It is our pleasure and pride to inform you that some references of critical applications installations have been performed by us which are running successfully with great satisfaction of the customers. We can assure to provide our best services at all times, which is our key offering on services that we strive for and is well known in the market place. As per our customers’ feedback they are highly satisfied of our service, but we are not satisfied so that still we are upgrading our service every day & every time, also try to provide service like as first world countries service.


The company itself has a most trusted and successful logistics service provider in the field of engineering in Bangladesh. We perform logistics services including new project, extension of project, documentation, liaison with government, semi-government and no government organizations through providing assistance and guidance in complying with local rules, regulations and also consultancy on banking etc.


We have strictly adhered to quality of services and have always been ahead of schedule in completion of orders, even in adverse environments. It has an enviable record of not exceeding the project deadline and budget.


Operational successes have never been achieved sacrificing safety standards. Our accident prevention procedure mainly bases on internationally recognized code of conducts, we also follow law of the land. Ensure the health and safety measures of its personnel, clients, contractors and workers. Health, safety and environment is an essential part of its day-to-day life.

We always follow the HSE rules, procedures and safety instructions. Due to this the HSE quality till today is ZERO fatal and ZERO loss time injury.



Building beautiful, high-quality, resource-efficient services and positively impact everyone and everything.


Our vision is to help our community by using local talents and resources, by constantly updating our sustainability standards, and by helping to educate the public and the business community on issues relating to sustainable living and commerce.

To establish our Mission and Vision we are doing these:

We are constantly striving to develop exceptional relationship with our clients, professional associates, and the community at large, while fostering the well-being of the entire works.
For our clients: We should do everything necessary to give them a wonderful experience and valuable products.
For our professional associates: We should honor their needs and expertise while communicating us.
For our employees: We strive to maintain strong continuing education and training programs, valuable benefits, and a team-oriented company culture.


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